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Access from Windsor Road

Access to the site will be provided from the A308 Windsor Road by a new priority junction with a right turn lane to allow vehicles waiting to turn into the site to do so without impeding through movements. A pedestrian refuge island will also be provided to assist pedestrians crossing Windsor Road. The proposed access accords with national design standards, and allows for observed traffic speeds and future year traffic demands. The proposed access will have ample capacity to serve both the Hospice and the proposed new housing.


There are a good range of facilities within an acceptable walking distance of the site. Cycling via the cycleway along the northern side of the A308, and existing bus services on Windsor Road, offer the opportunity for sustainable travel for journeys further afield. Buses connect to Maidenhead rail station, which will soon become part of the Crossrail network providing fast and frequent trains to central London.

In addition to the pedestrian crossing, it is proposed to widen the existing shared footway/cycleway on the northern side of the A308 Windsor Road along the site frontage. Connections will also be provided to the existing path around the lake, with the existing path through the western part of the site also enhanced to improve public access. We are keen to hear what improvements to the pedestrian/cycle/ public transport network that you would like to see as a result of this development proposal.

Traffic Impact

A Transport Assessment will be submitted with the planning application. This will include an impact assessment of the traffic generated by the proposed development. The results of this work will be submitted as part of the planning application and will be available for all to see. This work will be subject to the detailed and independent scrutiny of the highways officers at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. They will consider and identify the need for highways improvements and how the development (either on its own or cumulatively with other schemes in the area) will bring these forward. The development will not be allowed to proceed if it has an unacceptable traffic impact.

The Council has a strategy for highway improvements needed to allow the growth envisaged by the emerging Local Plan. This includes improvements at the Braywick roundabout and the A308/B3028 Upper Bray Road junction. The development is likely to contribute financially to allow these schemes to come forward. We are also interested to hear your views on what other highway improvements you would like to see in the local area.


Access Map


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