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We are looking to promote a sympathetic development which takes account of the land and concerns raised by local people.

Flooding and Drainage

There are no areas identified to be at risk of flooding from surface water within the development site, and there are no records of any flooding due to sewers, groundwater or surface water. In order to manage excess water, a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) will be installed across the site. The SuDS system mimics the Greenfield runoff of the site in its current state via a series of holding pools and below surface pipes to ensure that water is allowed to leave the site at a natural rate of drainage and prevent surface water issues.


Our proposals will enhance the path round Bray Lake and deliver new public open space. There is currently a permissive footpath running along the western edge of the site, which connects onto the pavement running along Windsor Road. This will be upgraded into a formal footpath and we will also widen the existing public pavement along Windsor Road.


The majority of the site is used for agriculture and therefore doesn’t support any notable habitats. Boundary features (trees, Bray Lake) do however provide some opportunities for local bat and bird populations. The proposals have been designed to extend these habitat features within the site, particularly along the boundary with Bray Lake. Here, areas of informal open space, including the SuDS system, will be designed to provide new species-rich grassland and planting so that these areas can deliver new opportunities for a range of wildlife (e.g. reptiles, invertebrates - not just bats and birds).


Development of the site would reflect the existing settlement pattern along the A308 to both the east and west, and on both sides of the road. Framed by existing housing to the south, east and west the development of the site creates the opportunity to enable public accessibility around the lake and provide informal amenity space on the lake edge for existing and new residents.